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With the customs declaration service - The One Logistics we bring to customers not only the direct value added but also the solution for import and export of enterprises.




1. Cost savings in Logistics


Business issues:

  • + Employee Payroll Costs: By keeping payroll and allowances, the allowance for import and export staff exceeds the cost of outsourcing.
    The professional competence of importers and exporters is not comparable to that of the specialized customs service. With a well-qualified staff member, the cost of salaries exceeds the company's ability to pay.
  • + Payment Proof: There are many costs incurred outside the payment documents. This leads to the suspicion between the management and the import-export staff, disunity, affecting the spirit, work environment and culture of the business. In addition, the validation of these invoices to the accounting department is also a matter of no small.
  • + Solution with The One Logistics - Customs Broker:
    Thanks to the advantage of experience and professionalism that saves time and money, The One Logistics is committed to lowering the cost of customs clearance services compared to direct customers.
    The One Logistics ensures the accuracy and accuracy of HS codes for customers, thereby reducing the risk of overpayment and non-collection of taxes. Retrospective taxation is a major risk that can lead to business losses and bankruptcy.
    The One Logistics specializes in the field of customs declaration, providing full VAT invoices on service charges.


2. Save time in Import and Export cargo


  • + On-time delivery is one of the factors that keep the business credibility and business opportunity of the business. Understanding this, The One Logistics locates one of the service values ​​is the delivery time for guests.
    Professionalism helps The One Logistics save time preparing dossiers, ensure the accuracy of customs records and therefore will not be returned to customs and requested to edit the records.
  • + Thanks to the expertise of customs procedures at customs offices and border gates, the Customs dossier prepared and submitted by The One Logistics is always prioritized for processing, saving time not only for customers. but also for customs.
  • + Reliable, good relations and trust of the customs department of the border is also a factor to help The One Logistics always prioritized, helping to ensure the delivery time.


3. Information security in Logistics


  • + Threat from within the enterprise: Information security in business is one of the most important aspects of the business. There are many customers who have come to The One Logistics after their own exporters know when their partners, partners and prices have split up to open the company and make their own, or move on to their competitors. pictures.
  • + Confidential Information: The One Logistics commits, secures and assumes all responsibilities to customers for the confidentiality of their information. As a result, the trust and cooperation of our customers is maintained.


4. Take initiative in planning in Logistics


  • + Human Resource: The initiative in business planning is one of the key determinants of success and successful implementation of corporate strategy. However, there are times when the business can not take the initiative when the import-export staff quit or some unexpected reason.
  • + Actively plan with The One Logistics: With the customs declaration service The One Logistics - Customs Broker, customers are completely assured and active on the plan to import.


5. Get professional advice in Logistics


  • + Specialization: The One Logistics is the only company specializing in import and export customs clearance. This distinction creates remarkable differences in professional competence in the field of import-export, import tax and customs policy.
  • + Free Consultation: The One Logistics customers are always consulted completely free, accurate on the process of import and export, customs procedures, customs policy and export tax.
  • + Confidence and trust: The One Logistics brings customers peace of mind and is always a reliable partner with the business journey of customers. Customers are no longer worried about determining the goods, the name or the tax arrears, missing or wrong import or export taxes.


Please contact us as soon as import goods via hotline: 090.328.8872 (Mr Thang)


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