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The One Logistics provides import / export license for professional goods from Ministries such as Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Ministry of Defense. Applying for a license requires an understanding of the goods to be prepared for import or export, the preparation of the application for the permit and the most important requirement is fast, accurate and economical.


Permit import of beef business
License for importing beef business


What is an import / export license?

Import / export permits are documents certifying that the competent agencies grant permits to enterprises or individuals permitted to import international goods into Vietnam or export goods to foreign countries. Normally, when applying for import or export permits, the goods are eligible for import and export conditions and may be transported in different means: aircraft, ships, trains , trucks, containers, ...


Why import license?

There are many items that need to be controlled in terms of quantity, quality, safety level and national security in order to comply with the commitments and agreements that Vietnam has entered into, ensuring national security, defense and health. People's Network, ... State stipulates the list of goods requiring import and export license according to Decree No. 69/2018 / ND-CP dated May 15, 2018. If you have any questions, please contact with The One Logistcs for additional answers.


Where to obtain import-export permits?

Depending on the item managed by the Ministry we will apply for permits in the Ministry, Department, Department, Department corresponding to the authority is granted. For example, importing beef requires a license from the Department of Animal Health (under MARD), importing flycam requires a permit from the Ministry of Defense, ...


What is the application for import / export license?

Each import-export dossier with different rows will have different paperwork requirements. But in general, it can be summarized as follows:

- Purchase invoice

- Packing list

- Technical specifications and quality certificates of exporting countries

- Quarantine of plants, animals, aquatic products for export

- Certificate of factory, production facility meet standard conditions

- License for free circulation, license for exporting countries


At present, most of the permits we can apply online through the national gateway. The administrative reform and customs modernization are helping enterprises implement these procedures quickly but also require a certain amount of knowledge and expertise to save time and costs of storage. beach, ...


The One Logistics Vietnam is proud to be the unit of application for professional import and export licenses quickly in Vietnam. When it comes to us, the customer will receive the following:

- Support to create accounts on the National Information Office, renew digital signature, register account to the General Department of Customs free of charge.

- Consultant service, dedicated support, thoughtful, professional.

- Make the application file quickly, with customers check the information thoroughly before submitting to the authorities.

- Save the cost, time, effort of customers.

- Providing a variety of ice cream services such as: Declaration of customs clearance, specialized inspection, domestic and international transport, ...


We are committed to accompany customers to the end, apply for permits quickly, ensure 100% success.

The One Logistics - Bring confidence to every customer
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