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The One Logistics understands that Customs Brokerage is one of the most important steps in the process of importing and exporting goods. Customs clearance requires the flexibility of experienced staff to deal with issues that arise. modern equipment and systems to serve the delivery work quickly.


What is the customs declaration?

Nowadays, in the age of internet boom, you can easily find keywords such as package customs brokerage, cheap customs brokerage, professional customs brokerage, customs declaration in Noi Bai, customs declaration in Hai Phong, ...

But in fact, for those who search for keywords related to customs declaration is often not understood the nature of this. Customs clearance is to find another unit that specializes in the export and import customs declaration, so that they can rely on the information they provide for the e-customs declaration service to customs. Customs clearance usually includes order redirection, customs clearance, customs clearance, DIM measurement, cargo receipt and transportation.


Customs brokerage services


Why need customs clearance?

Customs clearance is especially needed in today's technology era 4.0. The modernization of the customs procedures, the completion of the national one-stop shop linking ministries and customs will create great convenience and transparency in the future. Therefore, it is necessary to have professional and highly specialized service providers to help customs clearance work efficiently and quickly. In addition, avoid mistakes such as wrong HS code, wrong tax rate, terms of payment, the name of the description is not accurate ...


Most types of customs declaration may include:


- Export / Import business

- Non-commercial import / export

- Temporary import for re-export / temporary import for re-import/ Bonded warehouse

- Import / export production

Import / export goods to / from bonded warehouses, tax-suspension warehouses

- Enter investment to create fixed assets

Import exhibitions / luggage

- Export to export processing zones / export processing enterprises

- Commodities imported to serve security


Method of controlling content, number of declarations for declaration:


Importers and exporters who hire customs brokerage services may control the contents and quantity of their declarations through the methods of making electronic declarations.

Businesses may require that the company provide customs declaration services on their machines via Teamview or UltraViewer software instead of to the service provider that holds the digital signature or declaration engine on their machine. Corrections as required by customs also need to be understood to avoid the problem and then later.

However, in order to cooperate with each other for a long time, importers and exporters still need to find reputable customs brokerage agencies and trust them so they can work efficiently and quickly. Especially, handling complicated and complicated shipments.


Information to provide when using customs brokerage services:

If you are a first-time import-export business, the company can make invoice and other documents related to the customs dossier when you supply the goods name, quantity, unit price, specifications package, name, buyer / seller address, bill of lading, ... then make a draft declaration for you.

If you are a business that has imported many times, you need to provide invoice, bill of lading, license (if any), Vietnamese name, HS code, digital signature information, Vnaccs account information ...


When you apply for Customs, you are often concerned, due to problems such as: cumbersome procedures, questionable documents, unclear tax policy, the process of import and export. stagnated, without knowing why? Coming to The One Logistics, with a lot of experience in customs clearance, is one of the professional and reputable Customs brokerage services and good relationship with most Customs offices. Your confidence will help you to solve these difficulties.


customs declaration of The One Logistics



Meeting the above demands of customers, the customs service of The One Logistics has been improved and has been contributing a large part to promote the strong development of the company. Our customs clearance services include:


- Advise customers on the proper customs declaration, tax calculation, HS code entry, customs valuation, C / O, import tax refund and other related tax policies.

- Drafting trade contracts, creating invoice, packing list ...

- Book the ship (by sea, by air) and issue the Bill to the customer.

- Obtain import license

- Performing specialized inspection: quality control, energy labeling, plant quarantine, animal quarantine.

Prepare and clear the customs declaration

- Notice of package cost - no additional costs.


Customs declaration process at The One Logisitcs:

- Receipt of export and import information, customs documentation (if needed), additional documentation or information to customers if they are missing or have errors.

- Receive digital signature or get Vnaccs account information to serve the declaration sign.

- Register the Vnaccs account with the General Department of Customs if you do not have an account.

- Draft draft declaration, send customer check, consult HS code to pay taxes to pay the most reasonable ...

- Pass the declaration form to the customs system, get the flow, send the declaration to the customer to pay taxes (if any).

- Submit the declaration to the customs office, clear the customs declaration, pay the charge at the port, seal the customs inspection and receive goods or weigh the goods, measure the DIM, seal customs supervision and screening goods. .

- Transport cargo help customers.


  In addition, we can assist our customers in purchasing air cargo and sea freight at the most competitive prices.


Coming to The One Logistics, customers are consulted in the fastest, most effective way. The services of customs declaration include: Import-export business type, export processing type, import-export type, export type, import-export type, temporary import type export, temporary export for re-import, type of transit, type of import and export investment with tax, tax exemption. Coming to The One Logistics, customers are always committed to the process of customs clearance is completed in the shortest time.


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