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Customs services and customs procedures are very important stages in import and export. No matter how fast international shipping is, if you are stuck at the customs declaration stage, you still cannot take the goods out or export the goods.

So what is customs service?

Customs service is a service in the import and export chain of goods related to customs, just like when you go abroad, you need to declare your entry and exit with customs.


Customs service


Customs services include:

- Customs declaration.
- Customs clearance.
- Apply for import and export license from Department of Animal Health, Department of Plant Protection, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Information and Communication, Department of Chemicals,...
- Plant quarantine and animal quarantine.
- Apply for C/O for export goods.
- Quality inspection, product conformity certification.
- Announcement of cosmetics, self-announcement of food.
- Refund of import and export tax for businesses.

What is customs clearance?

Customs clearance is the preparation of electronic customs documents and declarations and the implementation of customs clearance for import and export goods. The implementation of customs procedures includes the following steps:

- Receive cargo information and schedule of import and export shipments.
- Prepare documents related to shipment: Invoice, packing list, catalog, MSDS, C/Q, C/A, C/O, Contract,...
- Apply for import and export license (if any)
- Quarantine, quality inspection (if import and export goods are conditional)
- Transmit the electronic customs declaration, sign the attached electronic documents to the V5 system.
- Clearance of customs declarations


Customs clearance service

Which businesses should use the customs service of The One Logistics:

- The enterprise is importing and exporting for the first time or has not had much experience in carrying out import and export customs procedures. These businesses often face many problems when doing customs procedures such as applying the wrong HS code, leading to an excess/lack of tax payable, so they are administratively fined; wrong code of declaration type, wrong code of customs sub-department, so the declaration must be canceled; With conditional import and export goods, they often do not apply for permits, do not quarantine or do not register for quality inspection, leading to the arising of storage fees, affecting the progress of taking goods, ...

- Enterprises do not have a specialized department in the field of customs declaration, staff do not have expertise in the field of import and export.

- Enterprises want to speed up the customs clearance process, deliver goods quickly and save costs.

- Enterprises want to focus on production and business without having to deal with complicated customs procedures and need high expertise.


Why should you choose the customs service of The One Logistics:

- With a team of experienced, highly specialized and professional staff, we can speed up the customs clearance process and avoid unnecessary troubles.

- We ensure maximum support, follow up the shipment, regularly update the situation so that customers know the progress and route.

- Customers can maximize profits thanks to cost savings from customs services, import taxes to pay because we always advise the appropriate HS code in the most profitable direction.

- Delivery on time with partners because The One Logistics always helps any customer to shorten the clearance time as much as possible.


Coming to The One Logistics, customers will get many practical benefits:

- The shipment will be cleared for customs as soon as your imported shipment is on the plane if there are plans and documents in advance.

- Enterprises can be assured of work because customs procedures have been carried out quickly and professionally.

- Make sure to determine the correct HS code and tax amount to pay or benefit the customer.

- Free support to look up the schedule of goods, update and track goods online right on our website.

- Get free advice on import and export policies or answer any questions that customers encounter.

- Provide related services such as packing, shipping, counting to ensure the goods are safe and delivered on time.


The One Logistics commits to customers:

- Your shipment will be cleared as soon as possible.

- The best customs clearance costs: Warehousing, handling goods, import and export taxes, ...

- Experienced and enthusiastic staff, field staff, customer care staff.

- Free consultation on HS code, tax percentage, legal policy, quarantine, quality inspection,...

- Always listening, ready to serve.


Please email or contact The One Logistics immediately via hotline: 0973.266.672 for free advice and use our extremely professional and reputable customs services.


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