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Currently, international trade develops and imports and exports develop so more and more businesses have business activities to this field. In order to import goods or export goods to foreign countries, it is necessary to go through customs procedures first. So who is customs? What is customs clearance?


Customs is an industry that is responsible for inspecting, supervising and customs clearance of goods and means of transport in service of export and import abroad and prevention and combat of smuggling and illegal transportation of goods across borders. gender. The General Department of Customs is the Government agency that performs the function of State management over Customs, directly under the Ministry of Finance.


Customs procedures are a series of business operations from preparing documents to goods clearance and taking goods out of customs supervision area. In addition, customs procedures also include post-clearance inspection, reporting on import and export of raw materials, consulting customs declaration ...


Noi Bai Customs Procedure


The One Logistics is a very prestigious unit in the field of customs declaration, customs procedure, customs of import and export, quick and most dedicated advice at Noi Bai airport.

The One Logistics has a team of experienced, highly responsible employees, always thinking for the benefit of customers. So we often do customs procedures quickly, consult the appropriate HS code to pay the lowest tax to save time and costs for customers.

Customs procedures at Noi Bai are usually updated very quickly. Many procedures were piloted in Noi Bai, so in order to make a quick procedure without being surprised, there should be an Ops team (who specialize in opening customs and picking up goods or delivering goods at ports) at Noi Bai.


When carrying out customs procedures at Noi Bai, note:

- Content consistency between import and export documents such as information in declarations, invoices, contracts, bills of lading ...

- Policies related to goods such as import and export licenses, quality inspection, plant quarantine, animal quarantine, food publication, cosmetic announcement ...

- Accuracy of HS code and customs declaration value is also often paid attention by customs prior to customs clearance.

- Re-check the dossier set before attaching it to the customs V5 system, reviewing the errors in the voucher before submitting it to the customs office.

- Code of Noi Bai Customs Branch: 01B1. NCTS stock code: 01B1A02, ACS warehouse 01B1A03, Warehouse ALS 01B1A04. Note to avoid mistakenly transmitting the Branch code or the stock code

- Airlines cooperating with ALS warehouses such as CX (160), KE (180), EK (176), TK (235), JL (131)

- Airlines cooperating with ACS warehouse: VJ (978), NH (205), CV (176), HX (851), RU (580), TR (388)

- The airlines cooperate with NCTS warehouse: VN (738), CZ (784), QR (157), BR (695), EY (607), AK (807), BL (667), FD (900), OZ (988), TG (217), CI (297)


Customs procedure in Noi Bai Airport


The One Logistics currently has Noi Bai office and dynamic working team, providing the following services:

- Apply for import and export license

- Prepare customs dossiers, transmit customs declarations, clear customs declarations.

- Get the goods after customs clearance, take the goods forward, weigh and dare to label the export.

- Plant quarantine, animal quarantine in Noi Bai.

- Announcing imported cosmetics, functional foods, quality control.

- Weigh our own warehouse exports quickly, without worrying about being out of time to fly goods.

- Domestic transport is extremely competitive.

- Set air fares and provide import and export services abroad.

- Support to look up aircraft schedule, search ship schedule ...


Process of declaration declaration, customs clearance at Noi Bai by The One Logistics:

- Receive plans and information on import and export of goods, set up customs dossiers, consult additional documents or information for customers if missing or erroneous.

- Receive digital signatures or get Vnaccs account information to serve the declaration signing process.

- Register for Vnaccs account with the General Department of Customs for free if you do not have an account.

- Prepare a draft declaration, send to customers to check and advise HS code to make the tax payment most reasonable ...

- Transmitting official declarations to the customs system, taking channels, sending declarations to customers for tax payment (if any).

- Submit the declaration to the customs office, customs clearance of the declaration, change the order of delivery, pay the fee at the port, seal the customs to supervise and receive the goods for imported or weighed goods, measure DIM, seal the customs monitoring and screening for customers.

- Domestic transportation for import and export goods.


In addition, The One Logistics is strong for export processing enterprises, transitional goods or providing customs services for other Forwaders.


Please contact us via the hotline: 090.328.8872 (Mr Thang) for advice and receive full service customs quotation for import and export goods.


The One Logistics - Bring trust to every customer



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