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The One Logistics' sea freight service is extremely competitive, fast and professional, completing sea freight procedures on behalf of customers in the most accurate and efficient way.

With the motto "Always put prestige first", The One Logistics always strives to support customers in the fastest, most economical and cost-effective sea transportation.

Customers can be completely trusted with FCL full container freight solutions, high efficiency LCL sea freight as well as accuracy for each shipment, competitive prices at any port.


Sea transportation


Prestigious sea freight service at The One Logistics:

With more than ten years of experience in the shipping industry, we are able to serve ocean freight for both full container and retail cargo; frozen goods, chemical goods, dangerous goods. For sea freight for common goods such as garments, machinery, machine parts, electronic components, construction materials, we always have good prices and regular train schedules for customers to choose from.

Customer service in sea transport is professional from providing ship schedules, quick quotes, free advice on suitable shipping options, how to preserve and pack goods; and especially, we keep information absolutely confidential so that customers can rest assured and trust.

Dynamic, experienced staff, quick response in arising cases such as slow ship schedule, ask for more time to unload at the port, submit documents, be flexible in taking empty containers, .. .


Sea freight, international shipping services include:

- Sea transportation to direct Asian routes: Shipping goods to Korea 5-7 days (Busan, Incheon, Pyeongtaek ports), 5-8 days to Japan (Tokyo, Kobe, Asaka, Chiba ports), to Japan China 3-7 days (Hongkong, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Ningbo, Shanghai, Qingdao port)

- Sea freight to Europe: Czech, Denmark (Copenhage,  Odense,  Esbjerg),  Finland (Helsinki,  Kotka,  Turku),  France (Sete,  Dunkirk,  Paris), Germany (Kiel,  Hamburg,  Rostock,  Bremerhave) ), Italy (Palermo, Trieste, Livorno, Venice, Naples), Spain (Barcelona, Valencia, Algeciras).

- International sea transportation to America, Africa, Oceania and countries around the world with an extensive transportation network.

- Inland sea transportation in Hai Phong, Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang, Cai Mep.


sea freight rates


Price list for shipping containers by sea:

Sea freight rates are a topic that many people are interested in, especially during times of unpredictable disease outbreaks, seaport congestion, and shortages of empty containers. However, the shipping price will not be fixed and depends on many factors such as booking time, the number of empty containers, the route and number of trains running on that route, and market demand. In addition, the freight rate for shipping containers by sea also depends on the shipping company, the type of goods (frozen goods, chemical goods, dangerous goods) and the evolution of the disease.


What is sea shipping?

Sea transportation or sea transport is the use of ships, container ships, bulk carriers, tank ships to move from one place to another, from one country to another. Currently, sea shipping has become more popular than ever, can transport full containers, refrigerated goods, retail goods, bulk goods, liquid goods to countries around the world. International sea transportation is often used by large shipping lines with large international fleets to serve the needs of shippers and buyers.


Why need sea shipping:

Today, sea freight plays an extremely important role in international freight transport, helping to facilitate trade between countries. The carrying capacity of sea transport is extremely large, able to carry most of the goods in the world without much difficulty like other types of transportation. From bagged retail, full container cargo, bulk cargo, bulk liquid to extra-large and super-heavy cargo.

The cost of transporting goods by sea is much lower than transporting goods by other means such as airplanes, trucks, container trucks, etc. However, current sea transportation is still quite dependent. much in the weather, the speed of movement is still limited.

In addition, shipping by sea causes less environmental pollution because the emissions of ships compared to other means are very small, which is also the reason why shipping is developing rapidly and is encouraged in most countries. all countries in the world.


Items should use sea shipping service:

- Goods of large weight or volume such as garments, building materials, machinery and machine components.

- The distance to transport is very long, but the goods do not need to be urgent in terms of time.

- Dangerous goods, chemical goods, frozen goods.

- Low value goods.

- Goods need to save shipping costs.


sea transportation


Where can ocean freight go?

Most countries and big cities now have seaports to serve sea transportation. So you can rest assured that no matter where your goods want to be sent anywhere in the world or imported from anywhere, you can also bring them to the nearest seaport, set the appropriate freight to transport your goods. yourself at will.

Some major seaports in the world can be mentioned such as: Shanghai, Singapore, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Busan, Incheon, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Jebel Ali, Hai Phong,...  Along with there are also many large shipping lines such as: Maersk, MSC,  CMA-CGM,  Evergreen Line,  APL, MOL, Yang Ming, OOCL, Cosco,... strongly developed.


Information to provide to schedule ocean freight:

Are you a shipper or a buyer, or simply an intermediary? To be able to schedule air freight, at least you need to provide the shipping line or shipping agent with the following information:

+ Consignee and consignee information.

+ Commodity name, weight, size.

+ Port of arrival, port of departure, estimated time of departure.

+ Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) (if the goods are dangerous goods)

+ From 2021 onwards, we still need to provide more HS codes of goods to serve the declaration of Manifest,...


The One Logistics provides a variety of international transportation services including:

-  Provide customers with the service of sending export and import goods by sea from Vietnam to anywhere in the world and vice versa.
-  Service quality is guaranteed by direct routes through a long-standing and reputable dealer network.
-  Competitive prices through large contracts with shipping lines and fastest transit times, always associated with carrier liability insurance.
- Service of dividing imported goods.
- Cargo clearance service
- Providing services for imported goods from all over the world to Vietnam.
- Full Container service (FCL/FCL) at competitive prices and with storage fee support.
- Door to door delivery service.
- Road transport, container transport, truck transport
- Service of bringing goods in / out of bonded warehouses
- Service of construction goods and exhibitions in Vietnam and regional countries

Why choose sea shipping at The One Logistics:

- The staff specializes in sea freight and quickly solve the problems customers encounter.

- Professional operation process, ensuring the safety of goods and confidentiality of customer information.

- Regular update of ship schedules, support to look up ship schedules.

- Cheap sea freight rates, many routes, diverse train schedules, flexible in schedules.

- Dedicated support on additional requirements of customers such as asking for more space on the ship, asking for more DET, DEM, asking for late delivery...

- Support and provide more related services such as hauling containers, inland transportation, customs clearance,...


At The One Logistics, we cooperate deeply with shipping lines, large and reputable shipping line agents in the country and abroad to coordinate in handling goods, shipping by sea, and booking freight for customers in a timely manner. fastest, most competitive price, best service.


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