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Sea freight - Sea freight to the US is currently increasing suddenly and there is no cooling phenomenon.

The shortage of space and the shortage of empty shells causes many difficulties for businesses. Which reputable logistics company can book, rotate the book to ensure space and keep the shipping price for customers?

To understand more about shipping to the US, the hotness of freight rates and shipping needs, the complexity and dilemmas as well as problem solving, you should read the article below.


Sea freight to the US


Shipping goods to the US is always a great demand of Vietnamese businesses.

However, due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic and raging around the world, causing disruptions to the global supply chain, export plans were delayed and suspended, leading to an increasing demand for shipping goods to the US.

In addition. Port congestion at most major seaports in the world leads to ships not being able to move quickly, empty containers are seriously imbalanced between countries. The ships are often delayed and congested in the port, making it difficult for shippers to predict the official departure date.

Is there any solution for shipping containers to the US?

    - Should the government require to list shipping prices and surcharges at the port? Specify a monthly shipping rate increase or decrease within a certain threshold? Regulating that logistics companies, brokers only sell freight with a suitable profit margin? To wait for new regulations and policies, businesses still have to handle transportation issues themselves.

    - Logistics associations and other large companies can cooperate, create a new large contract binding with shipping lines to have preferential freight rates by year and accordingly other businesses and factories can Is it possible to subscribe or have a stable enough supply?

    - Logistics companies can support businesses in the true sense to create opportunities to cooperate with importers and exporters for a long time, not just "snap out" in a short time?

    - Whether Logistics associations can establish a list of reputable Logistics companies today, with sufficient capacity, finance, and equipment to serve import and export factories to avoid unnecessary problems? ?


Congestion at seaports, shipping goods by sea to the US faces many difficulties


You need to find a reputable, conscientious, good price Logistics service provider for long-term cooperation?

Please contact and come to The One Logistics to get the earliest quotation, the earliest space and the earliest updates in the ship's schedule and new services, new announcements of shipping lines, seaports.

With decades of experience from long-term employees in the industry, The One Logistics has transported thousands of TEUs from Vietnam to the US, which helps any customer can be assured of shipping services at this.

Currently from Vietnam, to transport goods to the US, we have 2 main ports: Hai Phong, Ho Chi Minh and Da Nang.

The One Logistics' main shipping routes to the east coast (USEC) such as New York/NYC, Savannah/SAV, Norforlk/NOR to the west coast (USWC) such as Los Angeles/LAX, Oakland/OAK, Long Beach/LGB of the state State of California and inland ports (IPI) such as Houston/HOU, Chicago/CHI, Atlanta, Dallas, Louisville, etc.


Shipping goods to all seaports in the US


Shipping goods from Hai Phong / Ho Chi Minh / Da Nang to Long Beach (LGB), USA:

The Port of Long Beach, located south of Downtown Los Angeles, is considered the second largest port in terms of container shipping volume. This port acts as a gateway of trade from the US. Shipping time from Vietnam to Long Beach is about 20-30 days.


Shipping goods from Hai Phong / Ho Chi Minh / Da Nang to Oakland (OAK), USA:

The Port of Oakland is one of the major ports in the San Francisco Bay located in the city of Oakland, California. This is the first large seaport built for the purpose of transporting container goods. This is one of the 5 busiest ports of America (USA). Shipping time from Vietnam to Long Beach is about 25-35 days.


Shipping goods from Hai Phong / Ho Chi Minh / Da Nang to Houston (HOU), USA:

Port of Houston is a port located in the city of Houston in the state of Texas, US and is the sixth largest port in major ports in the United States (USA). The main items transported are Plastics, plastic beads, steel, household appliances, furniture, chemicals, consumer goods...  The shipping time from Vietnam to Long Beach is about 45-50 days.


Shipping goods from Hai Phong / Ho Chi Minh / Da Nang to New York (NYC), USA:

The Port of New York and the Port of New Jersey is considered the most natural harbor in the world. The Port of New York and New Jersey currently has the third largest cargo volume in the United States and is the busiest port on the East Coast of the United States, a bridge to help cargo move around the world. Shipping time from Vietnam to Long Beach is about 30-35 days.


The One Logistics specializes in shipping containers to the US with a variety of ship schedules and spaces


The One Logistics is proud to be the unit that can directly submit bookings of large and reputable shipping lines such as Maersk, One Line, OOCL, Hyundai, MSC, YML, EMC, COSCO with a variety of service packages and shipping times. . In addition, we also focus on building a system of agents in 52 states of the United States (USA) to handle procedural issues and ensure optimal freight forwarding for customers.


In the current difficult situation of booking, space constraints and the current escalation of freight rates, it is difficult for any unit to meet 100% of customers' needs, but do not hesitate to contact us. with us. The One Logistics is always ready to book on hand, always ready with submitted bookings, and even supports other options to get space and book for customers so that customers don't have to delay delivery to partners.

Contact hotline: 0973.266.672 (Mr Thang) or email

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