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The One Logistics will provide detailed instructions on how to look up and pay customs declarations in the article below:

What is customs declaration tax?

When we export or import certain items to Vietnam, we will need to pay import and export tax and value added tax (VAT) if any to the state. The customs declaration tax is actually the export or import tax rate, VAT when we do import and export of goods.


How to pay customs declaration tax?

Currently, to pay tax on customs declarations, we have two ways:

- Pay directly at the customs branch, at the bank, or the state treasury.

- Pay customs tax online online.

According to the trend of modernization of the customs field, online payment of customs declarations online is becoming more and more popular, paying more quickly and without fear of losing the original tax payment documents.


Steps to look up and pay tax on customs declarations:

I. Look up and pay customs declarations on the internet:

By accessing the homepage of the General Department of Customs at: we can do this.


Look up and pay tax declarations at the website of the General Department of Customs


Then select the item "Look up tax payment of the customs declaration" to switch to the main working interface.


II. Enter parameters to look up and pay tax returns:

At this interface, you enter the parameters as instructed, including: Business tax code, customs declaration number, enter security code (note that you need to enter the correct uppercase and lowercase letters).


Enter data to look up and pay customs declarations


III. Read the search results of tax payment declaration:

The customs tax payment search results include two parts: information on customs declarations and information on tax payments.

- In the "Customs declaration information" section, you will see a full display of information such as: declaration number, type code, declaration date, declaration opening, business tax code, business name import and export and especially debt status. If the debt status is "Out of debt" as shown below, the business has successfully paid taxes and no longer owes taxes.


The state of being out of customs tax debt


- In the section "Information about tax payments" you will be returned the results of your business's tax payments. Here, we can see the treasury account number, credit date, accounting date, machine import date, import and export tax, VAT, self-defense tax, excise tax, environmental tax, etc. prize...


Information on the times of tax payment of the enterprise's declaration


So, when we hold any customs declaration in hand with an internet-connected device, we can look up tax payment information by ourselves anywhere. Have a nice day!


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