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Do you want to know the process of importing goods by air to prepare for the company's upcoming import shipment?

The One Logistics will guide you in detail how to import your goods by air.


First of all, you need to know how to import goods for shipping methods in general. In particular, important steps such as negotiating contracts, hiring transport vehicles, import procedures ... are indispensable when inquiring into import procedures.

After learning the steps I just mentioned, we now go into the main content of this article: the process of importing goods by air. These are all imported goods, but the process here is specific to the method of air cargo transport.

Depending on the trading terms agreed in the purchase contract, the importer knows what steps he must take.

Each condition is different.

For the sake of general ease of use, I will give you an example of what you can do with ExWork. In this case, the foreign sellers deliver to you at their warehouse, and you will have to do all the work steps to bring the shipment back to your warehouse in Vietnam.

With other purchase conditions, the buyer's liability is reduced, so the workflows are reduced accordingly. For example, if your contract is for CPT, the seller arranges transportation to the airport in Viet Nam (eg Noi Bai), and you only carry out the import procedures at the airport and transfer the goods to the warehouse. I'm done.

Here, for you to imagine, I present steps from receiving goods at the seller's warehouse abroad (ExWork conditions).




The process of importing goods by air - according to ExWork conditions

Here are some specific steps you can take to get you started:

1. Sign foreign trade contracts

Of course the first step to start for the import is that you negotiate a purchase contract with a foreign partner. This is an agreement between the parties on the purchase and sale of the shipment, and should include the necessary content, such as:

+ Commodity information
+ Price, payment
+ Delivery
+ Pack
+ Guarantee
+ Complaints, etc.
+ Detailed content of the two sides negotiated and agreed to suit the actual needs.

You should also make sure you include important provisions to ensure your legal rights as well as your rights. Actually, when doing shipping service & customs procedures for many customers, I see many importers do very skilful contracts, lacking important terms, such as: warranty, complaints ... habits like There is a great potential risk, when there is a problem of poor quality goods, or if there is a dispute, there is no ground to work with the seller.


2. Sign the service contract with the shipping company

When you enter ExWork conditions, you will be responsible for shipping. Carrier companies are usually forwarders or airline agents (GSA). This forwarder must be designated by the airline and allowed to operate the cargo.

Your company in Vietnam will usually have to hire a shipping company to take the necessary steps in the door-to-door delivery process. Forwarders can be hired in Vietnam, as they usually have a foreign agent to carry out the necessary formalities in the exporting country (as is the case with ocean freight).


3. Forwarder receiving goods, export procedures

In the country of export, the forwarder performs necessary procedures and operations such as:

Receiving goods at the exporter's warehouse,
Transportation to the airport delivered to the airline
Carrying out customs procedures for export
Provide the exporter with the necessary documentation: certificate of receipt, storage, transportation ...
After completing customs procedures, the airport, airline, forwarder will issue the Air Waybill (HAWB) and attach the relevant documents. Original AWB No. 3 delivered to the shipper, together with the relevant charge and fee (if any) for the consignor to pay.


4. Airlines return goods to Vietnam


Airlines return goods to Vietnam

This is the service of the airline. They will use the aircraft to carry cargo from the departure airport to the destination airport, in many cases can carry goods at the airport jointly.

You should not buy freight from the Airlines but buy the freight of the service companies because the Airlines only sells freight to agents rather than selling to retail customers.

Freight can be transported by specialized cargo aircraft, or carried in the cargo bay of a passenger aircraft. If you pay attention, when you travel such aircraft of Vietnam Airline, there is always the cargo bay located below the passenger seat.

After the goods arrive on board and before arrival, the airline informs the expected time of arrival at the destination airport, so that the forwarder knows and informs the consignee of the necessary preparation.


5. Carrying out customs procedures for importation


In Vietnam (importing country), the forwarders shall, upon the authorization of the goods owners, carry out the import customs procedures with the following necessary steps:

+ Receive notice from the airline, notify the importer of the shipment schedule
+ Arrive at their airline or agent to pay fees such as delivery order fee, handling fee, labor fee ... and receipt of the accompanying  document (referred to in step 4)
+ Returning Original Bill of Lading (HAWB No. 2)
+ Carrying out procedures for receiving goods from carriers, paying all postage charges, filling procedures and paying fees to airports
+ Prepare documents and customs clearance for imported Air
+ Cargo registration at TCS, SCSC at Tan Son Nhat Airport or NCTS, ACS, ALS at Noi Bai Airport.


6. Return to your warehouse (importer)


Upon completion of the necessary formalities, the delivery company staff will leave contact information to the customs officer informing them when the goods arrive at the airport's warehouse.

When the goods are returned to the warehouse, the delivery and delivery agent shall take delivery of goods, liquidate the declaration and arrange the means of transporting goods from the airport and deliver them to the designated importer's warehouse.

So complete the process of importing goods by air. Hope you can understand the preliminary steps to be able to perform the goods for your company.


Please contact us to receive the comprehensive logistics process from shipping, customs clearance abroad and customs clearance in Vietnam. Hotline: 090.328.8872 (Mr Thang)


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