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The One Logistics will provide detailed instructions on how to check the vessel's schedule or track cargo by container number because recently there are many trainee friends, new to the Logistics profession.


To make it easier for you to look up your ship schedule, track your cargo by container number, don't have to remember many websites, many different shipping lines, The One Logistics has programmed to help you look up shipping schedules quickly fast, accurate.


Why should I look up the shipping schedule?

Normally, with export and import goods by sea, the shipping time is quite long, so we need to monitor the schedule of goods to proactively carry out customs clearance procedures or be active in production and business. In addition, tracking the schedule of goods also helps us to save costs and time because if to store containers, storage under the port will also take a significant amount of money. Tracking the ship schedule also helps us be more active in our work.


So how to look up the shipping schedule?

In order to look up the shipping schedule, we need to know one of the following parameters: the sea waybill number, the container number, the name and number of the cargo ship. Today we will learn how to check the shipping schedule by the waybill number and container number.


In order to look up the shipping schedule to Vietnam, we access The One Logistics homepage as then enter the sea waybill number into the box "BILL OF LADING TRACKING" then look up.


Track Bill Of Lading

After entering the sea waybill number, the search results will be shown in the "Track Results" section. There are shipping lines we integrate the results into our homepage to facilitate the retrieval of ship information such as Yang Ming firm below:


Track Yang Ming Shipment


Scroll down to see results:


Results of sea ship schedule


Some shipping lines we will link the link after you click on the word "TRACK" in the search results:


Track Sea Shipment


After that, a new tab contains shipping statistics, sea-going import-export goods that appear:


Results of search of ship schedule to Vietnam


Some shipping lines, such as Maersk Line or Wan Hai Lines and some other shipping lines, choose to select the shipping company that needs to be checked first before doing further search:


Select shipping company to check ship schedule


With the bill of lading 1008X08140, we choose Wan Hai Lines interface which will display the search results of the ship schedule directly.


Results of ship schedule search by Wan Hai Line


In addition, we can also look up the container schedule with the same method. To look up the ship schedule via the container number, we enter the container number directly into the "CONTAINER TRACKING" box to get the result to be searched.


Search ship schedules through container numbers


Thus, now to look up the shipping schedule of imported and exported goods into Vietnam is no longer our problem. Hope this article will be helpful for you.

Please contact us via Hotline: 090.328.8872 (Mr Thang) for further information.


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