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Logistics companies in Vietnam are participating in the market with multi-services, multi-fields from shipping, port service business, cargo exploitation, transportation business, logistics leasing and procedures. import and export customs to compete with the big players in the industry.

Facing the unpredictable situation of the Covid epidemic, there have been many difficulties and challenges such as severe port congestion, a marked decrease in the number of trains, and high transportation costs. Logistics companies are still trying to serve customers the best, helping to save the most costs.

Here, let's find out the Top 10 Logstics companies in Vietnam in the fields of port operation, ship business, warehousing and import and export customs procedures:

Gemadept Joint Stock Company


Các công ty Logistics ở Việt Nam


Gemadept was established in 1990, pioneered the start-up with the country and became one of the first three companies selected by the government to pilot equitization in 1993. Since 2002, Gemadept was officially listed on the market. Vietnam securities market. Experiencing a development journey for 3 decades, proud to be a leading enterprise, opening roads connecting Vietnamese goods to the world. Gemadept, steadfastly, strongly rose up as a leading port and logistics operator in the country.

With the scale of dozens of subsidiaries and joint ventures, especially with significant contributions to the country's economy, Gemadept has been honored in the Top 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam for many consecutive years and the Top 1000 for many consecutive years. enterprises that contribute the most to the national budget, Top Vietnam's leading Logistics enterprises, Top 50 effective business enterprises, Top 50 best listed enterprises in Vietnam voted by Forbes, etc.

Services provided by Gemadept include:

– Distribution center

– Air cargo port

– Sea transport industry

– Project cargo transportation

- Trucking

– Forwarding agent


Viettel Post Corporation
With a long-term vision and a view of sustainable development, Viettel is a billion-dollar enterprise in Vietnam participating in the Logistics market. With continuous efforts, Viettel Post has become one of the leading brands in Vietnam in terms of delivery with a series of post offices, operation centers and network expansion to all 100% of provinces and cities nationwide. and now covers many countries around the world to meet international shipping

In recent years, transportation services have been paid great attention by Viettel. Therefore, this is also considered one of the top 10 largest carriers in Vietnam in 2020. Here are some of the main investment sectors that Viettel postal joint stock company participates in:

- Logistics services (including: loading and unloading services, warehousing and storage services, customs agency services, planning for loading and unloading goods, receiving, storing and managing information related to the transportation and storage of goods throughout the Logistic chain; the handling of customer returns, inventories, obsolete, obsolete goods and redistribution of such goods; operations for renting and leasing containers and other supporting services related to transportation) (following specialized laws on logistics);
- Commodity import and export entrustment service (follow the specialized law on import and export trade);

- Delivery service;


Company Saigon Newport Corporation
The company has many large and small variable port systems. Meeting the needs of importing and exporting goods domestically and internationally. With many achievements and contributions to the state. So this is one of the  Logistics company  that received many state medals. With a staff and a system of transportation and warehousing facilities. The company's logistics sector promises to develop very strongly in the coming years.


The One Logistics Vietnam Co., Ltd

This is a company specializing in customs declaration services, transportation services, freight transportation by air and sea with a team of experienced leaders and enthusiastic young employees. This is also a cheap freight company but has professional and methodical customs clearance services that few logistics companies in Vietnam can do.


The One Logistics - Top 10 công ty Logistics ở Việt Nam

Services of The One Logistics include:

- Cargo services:  sea transportation services, air freight, international shipping.
- International courier service
- Entrusted import and export service
- Customs services: import procedures for goods, export customs procedures
- Specializes in shipping goods to the US


Vinafreight Joint Stock Company
Vinafreight Company was formerly a unit specializing in air transportation under the Ho Chi Minh City Foreign Trade Logistics Company (VINATRANS), specializing in air transportation, logistics and shipping agency services. from the early 90s. In the face of the exciting situation of the market economy, Vinafreight was established in 1997. Just a short time after its establishment, the company quickly emerged as a one of the few successful businesses in forwarding, logistics and shipping agency services. The company has not only achieved solid annual growth  but also won the trust of partners and authorities for its business reliability and solid financial capacity.

Domestic network:

- Vinafreight Ho Chi Minh (head office)
- Vinafreight Hanoi
- Vinafreight Hai Phong
- Vinafreight Danang
- Vinafreight Qui Nhon
- Vinafreight Nha Trang
- Vinafreight Can Tho


Binh An Logistics Trading & Service Co., Ltd

Binh An Logistics is a customs clearance agent under Decision No. 2293/QD-TCHQ of the General Department of Customs dated 14/07/2017. Eligible to carry out customs declaration procedures, pay taxes and transport import and export goods according to the law. With a team of dynamic, enthusiastic, highly qualified staff on current regulations on customs procedures, import and export tax, Binh An Logistics is ready to give free advice and perform customs operations. customs and taxes.


Bình An Logistics - Top 10 công ty Logistics ở Việt Nam


Services that Binh An Logistics provides:

- Import and export customs procedures

- Air freight

- Sea transport

- Trucking

- Transport, customs procedures for project goods


Southern Logistics Corporation
This is one of the largest units operating in the field of transportation and logistics in Vietnam. The company was established in 1975, as a state-owned company. However, the company later changed to a joint stock company. And this has contributed to the company's strong development in the field of multi-functional warehouses, petroleum trading, international freight forwarding.

Southern Logistics Joint Stock Company operates in both domestic and international logistics. With a warehouse system is also extremely large up to 230.00 m2 spread across regions. With extremely good services in the shipping process. Proving that this is one of the shipping and logistics units worth choosing for businesses in Vietnam.


Transimex Joint Stock Company
With great strength in the supply chain of logistics services nationally and internationally. Contributing to the company's strong growth in service scale expansion. System of infrastructure facilities, warehouses, along with a system of professional staff. This has proven to be an extremely strong development unit in recent years. Logistics services of Transimex are highly appreciated by partner units. This is the driving force for the company to develop further in this field. This enterprise has also applied scientific and technological achievements in management and operation.


Traco Transport 1 Joint Stock Company

Traco is a state-owned enterprise under the Ministry of Transport, formerly known as Transport Agentcy Company, established in 1969, is the first enterprise dealing in Transport and Logistics agency business in Vietnam. Vietnam. In 1999, Traco equitized and changed its name to Transport Joint Stock Company 1 Traco (Traco Transport Joint Stock Corporation No.1), abbreviated as Traco.

After more than 20 years of equitization, Traco has always achieved growth over the years, from chartered capital of 5 billion VND to now reaching nearly 40 billion VND. This is the result of the correct orientation of the Board of Directors as well as the efforts of the company's staff. Traco has become a leading company in transportation and logistics in Vietnam and in the region.


In Do Tran Shipping and Forwarding Joint Stock Company (ITL)

2020 marks the 20-year development journey of ITL. From the early days of establishment with many challenges, ITL has constantly strived to become one of the leading enterprises providing integrated Logistics services in Vietnam and regional markets: Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand Lan, Singapore, etc. create a large network with more than 70 offices and more than 1,900 highly specialized employees ready to serve all the needs of businesses.

Currently, ITL is the Leading Integrated Logistics Solution Provider in Air Freight, International Transportation, General Logistics, Rail Services, Customs and Distribution Services in Indochina, Commercial Logistics E-commerce, Express delivery, Warehousing services with an international standard system stretching across Vietnam and covering an area of ​​more than 300,000m2.

As a representative of more than 22 airlines, managing more than 300 flights per week and a capacity of 150,000 tons of cargo per year, ITL is the largest GSA and aviation service provider in Vietnam and a leader in capacity. aviation market force.


Some information is quoted at: Vietnam Report


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