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The One Logistics will guide you on the classification and characteristics of various types of transportation in international trade import and export.

Cargo can be classified according to the following criteria:


According to the characteristics of the road and means of transport, there are various types of transport: rail, waterway, road (car), air (air), pipeline. These types of transportation are as follows:

- Railways: High fixed costs, low variable costs;

- Waterway: Medium fixed cost, low variable cost;

- Roads: Low fixed costs, average variable cost;

- Air: low fixed costs, high variable costs




The service characteristics and cost of the means of transport

According to the ownership characteristics and level of government regulation, there are different types of transportation: private transportation, contract transportation, and general transportation.


Private transportation

It is the type of transport in which the transport business (not the transport business) has its own means of transport and provides its own transport services. Private transport is less regulated by economic law, however. Comply with the laws governing the movement of dangerous goods, occupational safety, facilities and other social regulations issued by the State.


Contract transportation:

The contract carrier provides transportation services to select customers. The basis of the contract is the agreement of costs and services between carriers and shippers that are not state-controlled. In each period, the contract carrier has restricted the route and cargo, thus limiting the number of customers and direct competition with the general carrier (public transport).


General transit (public):

The basis of the common carrier system is common carriers. General shipping is responsible for providing the service at a general (regulated) price to the public. The general shipping authority can be for all goods, or the specialization of the goods. At the same time the general carrier specifies the geographical area of ​​operation.

Depending on the degree of coordination of the means of transport, there are two types of transport: one transport and intercity transport..

Transport by means of transport: transport services provided by each unit by means of means of transport.

This type of transportation allows high professionalism, creating competitiveness and efficiency. The disadvantage of this type is that it has to be transported on a variety of means of transport, it must be dealt with by each carrier, and, a system of operations for each means of transport requires considerable administrative effort. thus increasing costs.

Transit: A transportation service organized by an organization that coordinates a variety of means of transportation for the purpose of transporting goods to a business.

This type of transport service takes advantage of the inherent economic advantages of each type and therefore provides consistent transport services with the lowest total cost. Transit include: delivery by container; rail-waterway-car transport, air-carriage. The objective of the transportation is to: Unify the advantages of each type to achieve the highest results.


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