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The One Logistics specializes in shipping goods from Japan to Vietnam such as Hanoi, Hai Phong, Ho Chi Minh ... professionally cheap. We provide a full range of logistics related services such as receiving goods in all cities of Japan, customs clearance in Japan, shipping of goods, customs clearance and shipping to the destination. Pick up points in Vietnam.


You want to transport goods from Japan to Vietnam but don't know how?

When sending goods from Japan to Vietnam, you need to clear customs procedures in Japan before shipping goods to the aircraft or to the ship. Japanese Customs is very strict and scientific, so you need to declare the right product, correct the HS code of the goods, the right amount to pay taxes (if any). This requires you to have knowledge of foreign trade, customs declaration experience. Or you can hire a service provider. The One Logistics can also declare customs in Japan very professionally.




You want to ship goods from Japan to Vietnam but do not know which method to send?

If your goods are heavy, bulky and not urgent, you should consider shipping your goods by sea as this will save a lot of costs when shipping. As for light goods, high-value goods, fast-moving goods, you should transport by air because it will save time and safety for more goods. The One Logistics can transport goods by both sea and air at the most competitive cost in the market. We have a large number of goods shipped every day and shipped quickly so many customers trust. And so, you can also trust us.


You want to transport goods from Japan to Vietnam but do not know how to receive goods in Vietnam?

When goods have been shipped to Vietnam, customs clearance procedures are required to receive goods. All kinds of products such as food must have the announcement of food and cosmetic products, there must be announcement of cosmetics, meat products that need to be quarantined for animals, vegetables and fruits that need to be quarantined, some goods machinery and equipment still need to check the quality and energy efficiency ... In order to do customs procedures, you also need knowledge and skills in importing goods. Or you can contact The One Logistics for advice on free import procedures and taxes. We have customs clearance teams at most ports in Vietnam such as Noi Bai, Hai Phong, Ho Chi Minh ... that can meet the diverse needs of importers.


To do the whole process of transporting goods from Japan to Vietnam, it is necessary to have reputable units, often doing this job can have cheap service prices, handle well the arising and condensed jobs. especially for two-way customs clearance.


Come to The One Logistics you will be:

- Consultation on goods policy, customs procedures and free shipping methods.

- Dedicated service, professional.

- Support to do specialized inspection services in Vietnam (if any)

- There are preferential and competitive quotes on the market.

- Can be idle, do not need to bother with the work if we let the whole process.


Please contact The One Logistics if you have goods that need to be shipped from Japan to Vietnam for advice, free instructions and receive preferential quotes via hotline: 0903.288.872 (Mr Thang). We are committed to the best service to deserve the criteria: "Bring the domain to all our customers".


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